Odyssey: Psychology of Aging

The aging demographic has changed considerably over the past century; since the 1920s, the number of Americans over 65 years old has risen from 6 to 13% of the population. Therefore, it is increasingly relevant to understand the unique psychological and cognitive challenges experienced in older adulthood. Within the framework of lifespan developmental, this course examines the important psychological changes that occur within the last third of life. The first section of the course provides an overview of normal healthy aging and the psychological, physical, and social factors that accompany this process. Topics include changes in memory, personality, intelligence, and emotion processing in older adulthood and the societal and interpersonal context within which these changes occur. The second section focuses on psychological adjustments, lifestyle, sexuality, work, and retirement. The final section addresses the conditions that affect older people including psychiatric and neurologic states, age-related chronic pain, and end-of-life concerns such as death and dying.

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