Participants needed for fMRI study of effects of alcohol on cognition

We are looking for people who have at least a 10-year history of heavy drinking and who have been abstinent for at least a month to participate in a research study that uses functional magnetic resonance imaging to investigate effects of alcohol exposure on brain function. Studies require three visits, with three to five hours required per visit. You will be compensated up to $225 for your time.

For more information on participating and to sign up, click on the "Participate" link of the Neuroimaging and Modulation Lab website, or call 410-502-2184. You can also email us at

To be eligible to participate, you must:

  • Be 30-60 years old
  • Be a native speaker of English (i.e., have learned English before the age of 5)
  • Be right-handed
  • Complete a screening interview to ensure eligibility

Johns Hopkins protocol number for the study titled Research on Brain Imaging of Cognition and Alcohol Exposure: NA_00039502
John Desmond, principal investigator

We look forward to hearing from you!