Travel easier: Sign up for TSA PreCheck

The university travel program has arranged for representatives from MorphoTrust USA to be at Homewood's Charles Commons for one week, Sept. 19 to 23, to process TSA PreCheck enrollments.

Participants will need to make an appointment online and arrive with documentation of identity and citizenship and the $85 application fee. Details about filling out the appointment form are on Hub at Work.

On site, applicants will be fingerprinted for a background check. Once the background check is completed—typically within 30 days—qualified low-risk travelers will receive a "known traveler number" to use when making airline reservations. They will not need to remove their shoes, outerwear, or belts; unpack their laptops; or follow the guidelines for carrying liquids in small amounts. Sixteen airlines currently participate in TSA PreCheck, and the program has dedicated lanes at security checkpoints in 167 U.S. airports.