Odyssey: Gun Control and the Second Amendment

In 2008, the legal landscape was drastically reshaped by the United States Supreme Court decision in District of Columbia v. Heller. Yet scholars, gun opponents, and gun proponents argue over gun rights and gun restrictions. Legislatures in Maryland, New York, and Connecticut passed laws that opponents now challenge on constitutional grounds. Federal circuit courts have reached different legal conclusions in their efforts to examine these laws. How did America reach this point, and where did gun rights and gun restrictions begin? What role did racism play in gun control? What regulations may be constitutionally permissible? This four-session course will examine these issues and more.

910.766.01 Homewood Campus
Mondays, Sept. 19 to Oct. 17, 6:30 to 8 p.m. No class Oct. 3
Cost: $96 (4 sessions)

JHU full-time faculty/staff are eligible for tuition remission. You will be unable to register online and receive the benefit. Contact 410-516-8516 for more information.