Join the Hopkins Sport Taekwondo club

The Hopkins Sport Taekwondo club practices Olympic-style taekwondo and follows the rules set by the World Taekwondo Federation. All classes are led by a master from the USA Taekwondo Academy. In addition to exercising, students learn various forms, kicks, and self-defense techniques. After class, the club holds optional sparring sessions.

Throughout the year, some club members compete in Eastern Collegiate Taekwondo tournaments at various college campuses. While going to tournaments is optional, all members are allowed to compete. At these tournaments, competitors face off against other college students at their skill level. The main events of these competitions are Forms (no contact), where students present their taekwondo form in front of a judge; and Sparring (contact). All expenses are paid. After these tournaments, competitors hang out and eat together at restaurants.

No experience is necessary to join, but all belt levels are welcome. Beginners receive enough attention to grow as martial artists, and all advanced members are given the chance to practice their high level curriculum and hone their taekwondo skills.

Practices are held every Monday and Wednesday from 9 to 10:30 p.m. in the Rec Center's East Evans Room (second floor). Additional practices are held on occasion. Members seeking an additional, extra-rigorous curriculum are given the option to train with the USA Taekwondo academy sparring team in Bel Air every Saturday free of charge. All Hopkins Sport Taekwondo practices are free.