Changes to Today's Announcements for Students

Today's Announcements for Students has made a few changes to better serve students and those who may use it to get information out to the Homewood students. Some of those changes are listed below.

Why the changes?

  • Better serve students
  • Better serve submitters
  • Integration with the Hub Events calendar (Student events will now be included in the Today's Announcements for Students.)


For students:

  • Student announcements included with announcements for the entire university
  • Student events listed on the Hub

For submitters:

  • Same Today's Announcements submission form for students, faculty, and staff

Event vs. Announcement

An event is something that happens on a specific date, at a specific time, and in a specific location. Examples are concerts, speakers, theater performances, symposia. To submit an event: and under the student organization's Hopkins Groups page. If the event is a organization meeting, please submit those to Hopkins Groups, not the Hub.

An announcement is something more general that you want people around the university to know about. Examples are a new initiative (not an event), an ongoing canned food drive, or a research study. To submit an announcement:

More questions? Contact the Today's Announcements team at