Emergency response drill this Sunday, Aug. 14

Dear Members of the Homewood Campus Community:

Homewood Safety and Security and the Baltimore Police Department will conduct an emergency response drill on campus this Sunday morning, Aug. 14, beginning at about 8 a.m. The purpose is to test Security's response to a fictional emergency situation and to practice coordination and collaboration with police.

Most of the drill will take place inside Mason Hall on Decker Quadrangle, which will be cordoned off and closed.

The South Garage will be open for those who need to park there, but please follow officers' directions on your route up and out of the garage. Clark and Malone halls will be open for normal use. If you do not need to be in one of those places, we encourage you to remain clear of the Decker Quad area throughout Sunday morning. Please obey posted signs and directions from security officers or police to detour around any closed areas.

Although the drill will play out inside Mason Hall, you may see police officers arriving on or crossing campus at times during the morning. You may also see some activity at a staging area near Hodson Hall. Please be assured that—absent an emergency notification from the university by text message, public address messages, or other means—the activity you see on Sunday morning will all be related to the drill.

As always, we encourage all faculty and staff members and students to be sure you are subscribed to Johns Hopkins Emergency Alerts. When you enroll, you ensure that you will be notified in the event of a real emergency situation on campus. To learn how to enroll, or how to add other Johns Hopkins campuses to your subscription, please see these instructions.


Lee James Executive Director, Safety and Security The Johns Hopkins University ljames10@jhu.edu