Take the Work-Life Pledge for August

Even though it's still the month of July, are you anxious about the schedule and activity changes that come with the start of fall and a new school year? Maybe taking the Johns Hopkins Work-Life Pledge for August will help you implement some strategies that rebalance your work-life fit for a smoother transition in September.

The Work-Life Pledge is an opportunity for faculty and staff to choose from best practices in five categories known to improve work-life effectiveness. Individuals who take the pledge choose from a menu of strategies to customize and commit to a 30-day action plan. The purpose is to create a pathway of support for daily choices that positively impact one's work-life fit, and to build a community of champions for work-life culture at Johns Hopkins.

Taking the Work-Life Pledge is an opportunity to personalize one's work-life approach and be a champion for work-life culture at Johns Hopkins. The pledge runs on a monthly basis. The next pledge period closes Aug. 5.