Krieger waterproofing and colonnade repairs to begin

More than 87 years after Krieger Hall was constructed, the building's waterproofing on the north side requires replacement. At the same time, the colonnade between Krieger and Ames halls will be deconstructed, waterproofed, and reconstructed. The project is scheduled to begin today and be completed in August 2017.

Construction activities that you should expect to see this week include pre-construction site surveying, utility locating and marking, temporary site lighting, tree and shrub removal and/or relocation, materials deliveries, construction of temporary stairs at Krieger and Ames halls, and a temporary walkway at the Krieger East Plaza entrance.

Throughout the life of the project, the Johns Hopkins Facilities & Real Estate project management team will issue weekly updates describing upcoming construction activities. If you want to receive this update, please contact Chuck Hilseberg, JHFRE senior project manager, at

For additional information, you are encouraged to visit the JHFRE Krieger Waterproofing website.