Construction near Barton, Shriver, and Shaffer next week

Beginning Monday, April 25, construction crews will be building a temporary exit ramp from the south side of Barton to route occupants around a large piece of equipment used to install underground conduit for the IT Infrastructure Upgrade Project (for future communications cabling). A drilling rig, the same machine used along Bowman Drive a few weeks ago, will be located in front of the south side of Barton and will bore conduits to a "receiving pit" located in the paved walkway between Shaffer and Shriver halls.

Pedestrians will be temporarily routed around the construction equipment and construction areas. Please be alert to activities necessitating changes to pedestrian paths of travel. Vehicles will NOT be able to access the Wyman Quad from the paved area alongside Shaffer/Croft during conduit installation next week. Vehicular access will be permitted by May 2 for a scheduled event at Shriver.

Any questions or concerns should be communicated to project manager Mike Sullivan Sr. at JHFRE, via email at