Communications infrastructure work moving to Barton/Shriver and Croft halls

With the new communications duct bank complete between New Chemistry and Garland Hall, construction crews will now move to begin installation on the segment between the south side of Barton Hall to a new manhole near the east side of Shriver and conduits connecting to Shriver Hall and Croft Hall. Contractors will begin by excavating trenches from the pedestrian path east of Shriver toward the northeast corner of Shriver Hall and toward the south entrance to Croft/Shaffer halls next week. Upcoming work will require the shifting of the pedestrian route around the work area at Barton and between Shriver and Croft.

Pedestrian route adjustments will be addressed with signage and portable fencing. There will be a time in the coming weeks, likely April 25, where the paved pathway from Whitehead Road to the Wyman Quad will be CLOSED to vehicles while the manhole is being excavated, placed with conduit connections, and backfilled. We expect this to occur early in the week of April 25. The path will be closed to vehicular traffic for about three days.

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