JHU Women in Business Affinity Leadership Conference

Join the JHU Women in Business Affinity Group for the fourth annual Women's Leadership Conference, "Remarkable Women: Fierce Women!," at the Palomar Hotel in Washington on Friday, April 1.

The conference offers opportunities for professionals and students to grow their networks and develop personal and professional skills. During this daylong event, participants will learn how to thrive in both work and life through expert presentations and small group discussions. We will kick off our day with a powerful keynote, add "Food for Thought" through mini-sessions, and deliver takeaways and tips to empower and inspire long after the day ends. Our seminar series offers strategies to strengthen and leverage your personal brand to achieve your goals, guidance on fiscal planning, and advice on how to use a board appointment to strengthen your professional portfolio. Don't miss this opportunity to mix and mingle with the dynamic women of Johns Hopkins and beyond.

For details and to register please visit the fourth annual JHU Women in Business Affinity Conference website.