Fundamentals of Research Coordination: A course for research staff

The Fundamentals of Research Coordination course is designed for research staff and is offered three times a year: May 11-13 and September 14-16, 2016 and January 11-13, 2017.

In many settings, the detailed work of implementing a research study is delegated to the research coordinator or research nurse. Research staff are often responsible for managing grants and budgets, preparing regulatory submissions, writing study protocols, creating data collection forms, managing databases, developing recruiting plans, and supervising others. Individuals in this role know all too well the difficulties of learning on the job.

Johns Hopkins School of Nursing offers formal preparation onsite and online to provide coordinators with the skills necessary to be successful in this very important role.

Our course offers:

  • Orientation to the professional role
  • Training on all the components required in conducting of successful research
  • Ongoing updates to federal regulations and guidelines
  • Expert mentoring from program faculty
  • Basic and advanced programs to meet learning needs of both new and experienced coordinators

New to your role? Register for our Online Orientation for Research Staff. These self-paced learning modules are included when you register for the three-day fundamentals course.

Individual Module Pricing

Not interested in the three-day fundamentals course but want access to the online modules? You can register for individual modules, available 24/7, for $270.

More information is on the School of Nursing's Professional Programs website or