Communications infrastructure project begins Monday, March 14

In order to expand the capabilities and reliability of the Homewood campus communications infrastructure (IT @ Hopkins), construction will begin on Monday, March 14, along Bowman Drive. This will be the first of three segments of communications pathway/ductbank that will be installed throughout the Homewood campus this spring. The first segment runs from the New Chemistry Building to the northeast corner of Garland Hall and involves directional boring beneath the sidewalk along Bowman Drive behind Gilman and Levering. Owing to the congestion along Bowman Drive, the work will begin during Spring Break. Flagmen will be directing pedestrians around work areas and coordinating vehicular traffic and pedestrian traffic. Pedestrians may want to avoid the area and take an alternate route to avoid the congestion (through the Gilman tunnel). Segment One will take about three weeks to complete, depending on weather conditions. Cable installation through the new duct bank will follow the construction crews.