Study seeks research participants of African ancestry

You may qualify if you:
+ are ages 18 to 30 or older than 65
+ are of African ancestry

Participation involves:
+ noninvasive skin color and elasticity measurements
+ photographs
+ questionnaires
+ small skin biopsies of your skin

About the study:
In people of different ancestry groups, skin aging appears to manifest at a slower rate than in Caucasians. Currently, a lot of research is being done to identify how skin structure and composition are involved in skin aging. In this study, we are going to investigate skin elasticity and molecular changes from different ancestry groups to try to understand the differences in aging among them.

Compensation for time and travel available up to $150.

For more information, please contact us: 410-502-SKIN or <

Anna Chien, MD, principal investigator
Johns Hopkins Department of Dermatology
IRB protocol number: IRB00069108