Odyssey: The Seurat Effect

Viewers in the late 19th century were inclined to criticize pointillist painter Georges Seurat and his seemingly impersonal touch and mechanical-looking figures. By the early decades of the next century, that view had almost entirely reversed, and a new understanding emerged of Seurat, not as an artist responding to the threat of the machine age but rather as one celebrating its promise. And now, yet a third view of Seurat has arisen, as an increasing number of scholars and artists do not see his work as a reflection of a mechanistic worldview in the first place. In this illustrated talk, we explore why these varying perceptions of Seurat arose and how each view reflects the time in which it was embraced.

918.110.01 Homewood Campus $28 (1 session) Thursday, Dec. 3, 6:30 to 8:30 p.m.

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