How to Incorporate Sex and Gender into Preclinical and Clinical Research

The workshop is scheduled for 8:30 to noon on Thursday, Nov. 19, at the School of Public Health's Feinstone Hall (E2030).

The goal of this workshop is to aid researchers with experimental design and interpretation of research that incorporates sex and gender. This workshop has been organized in response to the initiatives announced by the National Institutes of Health that sex should be included as a biological variable in experimental design. Attendees of this workshop will learn how to develop basic research questions, design experiments, and interpret results about how sex and gender impact biological processes in both preclinical and clinical research. An internal funding opportunity for junior faculty to study sex- and gender-based differences at Johns Hopkins will be announced.

View the program on the Johns Hopkins Women's Health Research Group's website.

Organizers: Sabra Klein, Pamela Ouyang, and Wendy Bennett

Financial support was provided by the Foundation for Gender-Specific Medicine, Dean's Office at the Bloomberg School of Public Health, and Johns Hopkins Institute for Clinical and Translational Research