Odyssey: Mind, Brain, and Beauty

What underlies our perception of visual art and music? Do specific properties of objects, scenes, and musical events evoke consistent emotional responses? Does the perception of beauty lie in the eye of the beholder? What can the creative artistic process tell us about the mind/brain complex? Examining such questions from cognitive science, film theory, musicology, neuroscience, psychological, and philosophical perspectives, we will explore relevant research and theory in the visual and auditory domains as they pertain to aesthetic experience, the creative process, and the movie-watching experience.

914.572.01 Homewood Campus $117 (5 sessions) Mondays, Nov. 2 to 30, 7 to 8:30 p.m.

JHU full-time faculty staff/same sex domestic partners are eligible for remission. For more information or to register, contact 410-516-8516. You will be unable to register online and receive the discount.