Odyssey: 'A Terrible Beauty is Born': Ireland 1867 to 1916

On Easter Monday, April 24, 1916, Irish rebels seized important buildings in Dublin and declared an Irish Republic. After a brief but bloody struggle, British forces crushed the rebellion and executed its leaders. However, the failed insurrection transformed the long struggle for Irish independence from a political to a revolutionary process. This course will examine the political and cultural background to the "Easter Rising." We will begin by studying the ideological forebears of the rebels, the Fenians, who failed at rebellion in 1867 but provided much of the impetus for the subsequent social, constitutional, and cultural movements that pressed for Irish separation. These movements raised hopes and expectations but ultimately disappointed Irish nationalists and set the stage for rebellion. In 1914 Britain plunged into the abyss of world war without having resolved the Irish question. A small secretive group of revolutionaries seized this opportunity to make their grand gesture.

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