Odyssey: Bankers, Capitalists, and Robber Barons: Un-Gilding the Gilded Age

These eight lectures present an analysis of U.S. economic history, beginning with the emergence of the U.S. as a financial power in the post-Revolutionary era, focusing on Alexander Hamilton's role in the establishment of the First Bank of the United States. We then turn to the War of 1812; the Panics of 1832-37 and the first bank robberies, and westward expansion and Manifest Destiny. After a look at the Civil War economies of the North and South, our center of gravity shifts to post-war industrialization, capital formation, and economic turmoil in the era of the great tycoons and scoundrels of the Gilded Age, the rise of Populism and reform, and the rise of Theodore Roosevelt and the Progressive Movement in the 20th century.

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