Hopkins InHealth Initiative to open RFP for innovative pilot projects

The Johns Hopkins Individualized Health Initiative (Hopkins inHealth) supports research that will, with increasing accuracy and precision, define, measure, and communicate each person's unique health state and the trajectory along which it is changing, and develops these discoveries into new methods that can be used to inform decision making in clinical and public health practice.

Eligibility and Award Information: Membership in Hopkins inHealth is an eligibility requirement for all Hopkins inHealth funding opportunities. It takes two minutes to become a member; click here to apply. Members receive up-to-date information on individualized health news and grant opportunities; invitations to inHealth events; and access to a network to individuals engaged in cutting-edge individualized health research. Potential applicants should apply for membership now to ensure eligibility.

For the upcoming request, Hopkins inHealth is seeking proposals for pilot projects that will promote individualized health care in several domains, including 1) the creation or identification of novel devices, platforms, technologies, analytics, or biomarkers that will lead to more nuanced measurements of health or disease status, 2) the development of novel quantitative methods that integrate data to better understand patient heath status, predict patient outcomes, and/or recommend treatment course, 3) the incorporation of scientific knowledge and individualized care into the clinical workflow, and 4) the research of ethical questions regarding consent and use of personal data.

Approximately eight applicants will be awarded funding of $75,000 for 15 months for this pilot project discovery program. Awardees may be eligible to receive an additional $25,000 of funding for four months, pending progress review.

Principal investigators must be faculty members or research staff of the Johns Hopkins University, the Johns Hopkins Health System, or the Applied Physics Laboratory.

The Request for Proposals will be released on Sept. 14 on our website; applications are due Oct. 23. Funding decisions are expected by Dec. 31. For scientific or administrative questions, send an email to inhealthpilots@jhu.edu.