IDIES seminar: Accelerated computing with NVIDIA Tesla and CUDA

The Institute for Data Intensive Engineering and Science is honored to present Mark Harris, of NVIDIA, from 10 a.m. to noon on Tuesday, May 5, at the Bloomberg Center for Physics and Astronomy, room 462, Homewood campus.

In this talk you'll learn about the NVIDIA Tesla accelerated computing platform, including the latest developments in NVIDIA GPU architecture and roadmap, how deep learning on GPUs is changing how we use computers to understand data, and the latest release of CUDA, NVIDIA's parallel computing software platform and programming model. I'll talk about how new support for C++11 in CUDA 7, along with new features and performance improvements in the Thrust C++ parallel algorithms library, and support for runtime compilation, makes parallel C++ more productive than ever. CUDA 7 also includes cuSOLVER, a new direct linear solver library, as well as new features and improved performance in other CUDA libraries. In this talk you'll hear about these features and get insight into the philosophy driving the development of CUDA and how it will take advantage of current and future GPUs.

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