Take part in acne research

Healthy men and women age 18 years or older with inflammatory acne are needed for a research study to learn how different anti-acne medications affect the bacteria in red, swollen acne skin bumps.

Participation involves:

  • Use of benzoyl peroxide gel & adapalene gel, alone and in combination, for about 2 weeks

  • 5 small biopsies of your acne bumps

  • Close-up photographs

  • Participants must have at least 5 inflamed acne skin bumps on the face or body by the beginning of the study.

Why should you join this study? Your participation will help dermatologists understand how certain anti-acne medications work.

After the study is over, we hope to have a better understanding of how the drug treatments work to disrupt the bacteria in acne and how these drug products bring about clinical improvements in acne.

1- to 2-week study Compensation: $250 for completion of study

Manisha Patel, MD Principal Investigator Johns Hopkins Department of Dermatology IRB Protocol #NA_00049512

If interested, please contact us: 410-502-SKIN or CTReP@jhmi.edu