Participants needed for research study on rosacea

Why should I join this study?

Rosacea (redness, flushing, and blood vessels on the face) is one of the most common skin disorders in North America. Your participation will help dermatologists understand how photodamage can lead to rosacea. This may help to develop better rosacea medications.

Participation involves:

  • Close-up photographs of affected skin
  • One very small biopsy of your affected skin

Time needed for study:

  • 1st visit: 30 minutes for photography and one biopsy
  • 2nd visit: 10 minutes for removal of small sutures

Will I be paid to join this study? Yes. $20

For more information, contact the Cutaneous Translational Research Program at 410-502-SKIN.

Anna L. Chien, MD, Principal Investigator
Johns Hopkins Dermatology Clinic
Funded by American Acne and Rosacea Society
Application No.: NA_00037679