JHFRE (Facilities & Real Estate) website update

In February 2013, Homewood Facilities Management and Johns Hopkins Real Estate merged to become Johns Hopkins Facilities & Real Estate.

As of Monday, March 30, one of the few remaining vestiges of the former organizations—our Web address—has been updated to reflect our current identity. We have been using the http://fm.jhu.edu Web address for years, but it is time to retire the FM acronym. It will now be replaced with JHFRE, changing our Web address to http://jhfre.jhu.edu.

The look and feel of the website will remain the same, as will the content and location of information.

Please update any bookmarks and links by changing FM to JHFRE in the Web address—all other parts of file paths and addresses will remain the same.

If you have vendors, student employees, or other colleagues who make use of the JHFRE website, please pass the news along! This may include vendors who submit outage requests and anyone who accesses Archibus to view floor plan information, event planners, etc.

Questions, comments, or requests for assistance can be directed to Jennifer Hill at jhill40@jhu.edu or 443-997-8558.