Charles Street is fully open to traffic

As the winter weather continues to subside, construction crews have returned to Charles Street to complete the final portions of the project. Work began with BGE replacing gas mains and service lines in November of 2011 and with road construction teams beginning major work in late spring 2012. Now, three years later, the roadway is open north- and southbound between University Parkway and 29th Street, and crews will begin putting in the final touches in the coming months. Remaining sidewalk replacement at 31st Street and south of 30th Street will begin soon, followed quickly by landscaping in the tree pits and completion of pavers at crosswalks, etc. The service lane on the east side of Charles south of 33rd will reopen in a couple of weeks (for two-hour and resident parking). In addition, permanent traffic control signs, parking restrictions and bicycle lane signs, and solar-powered parking meters will all begin being installed in April. (Free parking will be going away very shortly!) The final topcoat for paving in the roadway and service lanes between 29th Street and University Parkway will take place in April, as temperatures moderate to 50 degrees, along with road surface milling replacement between 25th and 29th streets. In May the work should be complete. As the end of the construction approaches, we thank you for your years of attention and adjustments to the changing conditions.

Note: Pedestrians crossing Charles at Art Museum Drive near 31st Street beware: Southbound traffic can once again travel between Art Museum Drive and 29th Street along the Wyman Park Dell.