Pregnant participants wanted for fetal learning study

Does learning begin before birth? Have you ever wondered about whether your developing baby is learning about the outside world?

We are enrolling healthy pregnant women with healthy fetuses for a research study investigating whether the fetus can learn to make simple associations between how women move and a musical sound. The Johns Hopkins Fetal Development Project has been conducting related research for over 20 years in our fetal assessment facility, located in the Nelson Building of the Johns Hopkins Hospital on the East Baltimore campus. This study involves only one visit near the end of your pregnancy that lasts two hours. During your visit, we will monitor your and your baby's heart rate, conduct a fetal learning procedure, and do a brief ultrasound scan. You will receive a $50 gift card for participating.

For more information and to enroll, contact Rob Weatherford at or call (410) 614-5876 after your 28th week of pregnancy.

Learn more about the Fetal Development Project at

Principal investigator: Janet DiPietro, PhD