Improve your memory skills

Learning and Development, a division of Talent Management and Organization Development, has openings for the March 9 workshop "Mastering Your Memory."

In this fun and fast-paced interactive workshop, you will learn valuable techniques and application of skills that will help you easily recall names, lead meetings, and give presentations without using written notes, and recall lists of useful information. In today's world we are expected to multi-task and handle large volumes of information. This workshop will demonstrate how a well-trained memory will enhance both your professional and personal life.

Monday, March 9
9 a.m. to 4 p.m.
1011 E. 33rd Street, Room B101
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Learning and Development classes are free if you qualify as a full- or part-time JHU employee and adhere to the class attendance policies. For additional information or assistance with enrolling you can contact us by calling our main phone line at 443-997-6800 or by email at