Odyssey: Henri Matisse, From Wild Energies to Purity of Color and Form

The Matisse Cut-Outs exhibition at MOMA this fall generated a fresh wave of interest in the great master of 20th-century Modernism. Matisse's artistic career bears witness to his boundless creativity and lifelong √©lan. This course presents an overview of Matisse's life and art, beginning with his powerful Fauvist work—the first "ism" of the 20th century. Matisse's style continued to change and evolve, as we see his subject matter gravitate around the female form—whether nude, exotically dressed, placed in lush interiors, or dancing in abstract settings—leading to his mature style focusing purely on color and form. Matisse's awareness of Picasso inspired him to experiment with reduction of space and simplification of form, in turn, setting the stage for the Cut-Outs, his last great breakthrough, and an unprecedented finale crowning his life achievement.

910.739.01 Homewood Campus Cost: $124 (4 sessions) Mondays, Feb. 23 to March 16, 6:30 to 8:30 p.m.

910.739.03 Homewood Campus & BMA Cost: $147 (5 sessions) Lectures (same as above), Museum visit: Saturday, March 21, 2 to 3:30 p.m.

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