Hopkins Heart Initiative request for applications: Seed grant program

The Hopkins Heart Initiative is a universitywide initiative of Johns Hopkins formed in 2013 to address critical issues related to the human heart. Hopkins Heart's mission:

  • Primary: Develop a replacement heart that can improve the function of, promote the regeneration of, and, if necessary, completely replace a diseased heart.
  • Secondary: Advance the state-of-the-art for existing heart assist devices through a rigorous process of scientific investigation and discovery.

Information about the seed grant program and application requirements is provided below. Applications are invited from researchers in any JHU division. For more information about Hopkins Heart and/or the seed grant program, contact the Hopkins Heart program manager at martydevaney@jhu.edu.

PROGRAM OBJECTIVES As an initial step we intend to fund seed grants of up to $25,000 each for 12 months of activity starting in May 2015, with strong preference given to proposals with a clear research plan that involves interdisciplinary collaboration and has clear potential for longer-term funding. In extraordinary cases, seed grants can be awarded for larger amounts.

Successful proposals will involve interdisciplinary research and will describe an approach by which the research team will achieve the following:

  • Develop new or enhanced collaborations among researchers from more than one discipline.
  • Obtain preliminary research results to motivate and justify future work.
  • Develop a written proposal(s) to identify external or internal funding source(s) for a multiyear, multi-investigator project.

Contact the Hopkins Heart program manager at martydevaney@jhu.edu.