Ethnic sensitive analysis for rhinoplasty in patients of African descent

The nose is one of the most aesthetically dominant and ethnically defining features of the face. Nose-reshaping surgery that significantly alters the ethnic appearance of the face can result in dissatisfied patients and psychological dysfunction. Across ethnicities, patients seeking rhinoplasty have similar goals; a natural-looking nose that fits and complements the rest of their facial features. A natural nose looks surgically unaltered and is ethnically congruent.

We intend our study to influence the choice and application of various rhinoplasty techniques to achieve the desired result in an ethnically sensitive manner. Our goal is nose-reshaping surgery to achieve nasal definition and facial harmony without erasing all ethnic characteristics.

The following questions are designed to better understand ethnically sensitive rhinoplasty in patients of African descent.

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Research study
Principal investigator: Kofi Boahene
IRB study number: IRB00039287