Thomas Dolby's Sound for Film II class: Sign up now

If you're a filmmaker (pre- or post-graduate) and you want to learn all about film scoring, sound design, dialogue, and mixing, here is a unique opportunity to study it with world-renowned composer and producer Thomas Dolby.

This exclusive 1 semester, 3-credit upper-level course—AS.061.403.01.SP15, Sound on Film II—takes place Fridays 1:30–3:50 p.m. at the Peabody Conservatory, with additional (mandatory) film screenings on Sunday evenings at 7.30. In addition to studying the theory and history of film music, we will analyze and discuss the scores from many classic and contemporary films. Visiting professionals will lecture about sound effects design, music supervision, and other topics.

For hands-on practical exercises you will be teamed with one Peabody composition major and one sound engineer, and your team will create and synchronize your own soundtracks to a range of film and TV scenes. If you have made your own films or clips, all the better! Basic knowledge of music theory and/or audio software is helpful but not essential.