Johns Hopkins Neighborhood Fund: Grant applications

The Johns Hopkins Neighborhood Fund is now accepting grant applications for the 2015 grant year. If you are affiliated with an organization within a ¾ mile radius of any Johns Hopkins campus in Baltimore City that provides services focusing on community revitalization, education, employment, health, and/or public safety, you can sponsor their grant application.

Last year, the Johns Hopkins Neighborhood Fund was proud to award 19 grants, and overall, the program has awarded 120 grants totaling $1,328,383 since its inception in 2007. If you are connected to an organization that may be interested in applying for funding, and you, as a Johns Hopkins employee, retiree, or student, would like to sponsor their application, direct them here for this year's grant application.

Additionally, if a representative from the nonprofit is interested in learning more about what the Neighborhood Fund Allocation Committee is looking for and to hear some tips on completing the application, have them contact Kathleen Crostic at 443-997-0138 to register for a pre-application workshop from 1 to 3 p.m. on Wednesday, Jan. 15, at Johns Hopkins at Eastern.