Parking changes on Charles Street north of 33rd Street

On Friday, Baltimore City Department of Transportation personnel advised that two upcoming parking restrictions are coming to Charles Street this month.

Beginning Dec. 8 and continuing through the Dec. 31, there will be No Parking on the west side of Charles from 34th Street south to 33rd for repairs to paver areas in the roadway. No Parking signs were posted on "construction barrels" on Friday, Dec 5, warning of the upcoming restriction, and barrels were placed to define the No Parking zones. Reminder—Do not relocate barrels to park. You will be subject to a fine and towing charges if you are parked in the No Parking zone.

In addition, Residential Parking restrictions are returning to the service lane north of Greenway to University Parkway. With the completion of new sidewalks along the east side of Charles and the service lane north of Greenway, city contractors are preparing to install new Residential Parking Permit signs. Residential Parking Permit restrictions allow for two-hour visitor parking, with extended time granted for valid Residential Parking Permit holders only.