Engineering Design Outreach Intersession course

Are you an engineering student looking for something fun and rewarding to do over Intersession? The Engineering Design Outreach course is your answer!

This 1-credit course is an opportunity to inspire young students from disadvantaged backgrounds and to show them the excitement of being an engineer. During the course you will be working directly with middle school students at a local middle school, engaging them in the engineering design process and sharing your experiences with them. The course will meet from Jan. 6 to 23. For specific dates and times, see the [Intersession website]( for more details). The course number is EN.530.494.13. Note: Most classes during the course will be held at a local middle school.

Want to know what the experience is like? Below are a few quotes from previous students:

"I think helping them understand circuits was the best part because most of them had never seen anything, and if they had, most of them didn't know how it works, so helping set a foundation for what they will definitely encounter in the future, and seeing them understand it and get excited about it was really rewarding."

"Seeing that 'aha' moment in the middle school students while they were working to overcome an obstacle or improve their designs was very rewarding for me. Due to the thought provoking and intense nature of this project, that happened very often and was a great thing to be a part of."

If you have any questions or want more information, contact the instructor Margaret Hart (, 410-516-4180).