Parking restrictions on and around Charles Street are changing

Baltimore City DOT construction personnel are using orange traffic barrels to identify No Parking Zones/Tow Away Zones to close off areas for ongoing construction work. In particular, the curb lane of the west side (campus side) of Charles Street between 33rd Street and University Parkway is needed for final installation of mast arms on street lighting poles. Parkers are cautioned that the barrels have No Parking/Tow Away Signs and that the city may tow vehicles parked where the barrels had been placed to the city impound lots. Only Baltimore City DOT personnel are authorized to relocate the barrels. Avoid the fines and towing charges, and obey the posted signs.

Similarly, the side street intersections on the east side of Charles between 29th Street and 33rd Street are being repaved and city DOT personnel are using orange barrels to identify No Parking Zones/Tow Away Zones where crews need to perform roadwork there as well. Be aware of and read the signs posted on the barrels, and do not move the barrels to park.

Thank you for your cooperation and continued patience as we enter into the final phase of construction.