myWellness Choices 2014: Financial wellness

By taking full advantage of your 403(b) plan you can reduce your taxable income and build savings for the long run. Make sure retirement is something to enjoy!

There are lots of choices for where to sock away your tax-deferred savings! An easy choice is a lifecycle fund with a prospective retirement date. Review the list of funds at all three investment companies at 403(b) Fee Disclosure and Fund Performance

If the prospect of planning your retirement feels like too much, get some one-on-one help. You can check out the Investment Vendor Schedule and set up a meeting with one of the investment company reps at a convenient campus location.

The JHU Benefits website offers more helpful information such as the Retirement Check List to get you on track for the best possible retirement.

Check out the app of the month, Retirement Savings Calculator Are you saving enough for retirement? Will you be able to stop working when you want to and still have the lifestyle you want in retirement? Get some help from our featured Widgit Small Change

September is for a great time to monitor your financial wellness!