myWellness Choices 2014: eye health

Visit WebMD and read about 6 Tips for Eye Health. You'll see that eye health includes more than eating plenty of carrots, though this is a good start. Carrots contain an essential ingredient for normal vision: check facts on the Life Cheat Sheet. Don't take your vision for granted!

Eye Health Discounts: + BlueCross BlueShield: Adult biennial eye exam covered 100% through Wilmer; must call 410-614-TEST to schedule.
+ EHP: Adult biennial eye exam covered 100% in-network.
+ Kaiser Permanente: JHU employees who choose Kaiser HMO pay $20 PCP/$35 specialist
+ United HealthCare Voluntary Vision Plan: After $15 copay, get up to $130 for frames or $150 for contacts from an in-network provider. To learn about the voluntary vision benefits click
+ Wilmer Laser Vision Center: All JHU employees are entitled to a $1,000 discount ($500 per eye) on laser vision correction services performed by a member of the full-time faculty of the Johns Hopkins Wilmer Eye Institute. Call 410-283-2800 or visit
+ App of the Month: EyeXam
+ About the App: The EyeXam mobile app offers fun, easy-to-use and patent-pending, vision screening tests, as well as a GPS-based eye doctor locator. Register for iTunes to download this free app.