Learning and Development workshops for fall

The fall classes sponsored by Learning and Development, a division of Talent Management and Organization Development, begin next month. Classes are now open for enrollment.

Here's a brief description of courses in September listed in date order.

Speak Like a Pro Get the knowledge, skills, and abilities you need for effective presentations. This course will review proven techniques for planning, practicing, and delivering public presentations. Receive expert feedback from your instructor, as well as personal responses and insights from your classmates. Thursday, Sept. 11 9 am–4 pm 1011 E. 33rd Street, Room B103 Click here to register: http://lms4.learnshare.com/l.aspx?CID=89&A=2&T=188915

The Professional Administrative Assistant Series Module 1: Professionalism Today's administrative professionals must be able to juggle countless details and schedules, master office technology, meet the needs of multiple supervisors, solve problems, and manage resources. In this workshop, you will learn strategies and techniques that will enable you to accomplish all your varied duties with the highest level of dignity, diplomacy, and tact. Participants will gain knowledge of what's required of today's administrative professionals, develop their personal self-management style, and learn how to set and achieve SMART goals. Thursday, Sept. 11 9 am–4 pm 1011 E. 33rd Street, Room B102 Click here to register: http://lms4.learnshare.com/l.aspx?CID=89&A=2&T=294310

Powerful Listening Skills Designed to help individuals listen and communicate for positive, productive relationships with co-workers, customers, and family members. The workshop offers practical techniques for developing active listening skills and getting results from others based on positive, open communication. Tuesday, Sept. 16 9 am–4 pm 1101 E. 33rd Street, B101 Click here to register: http://lms4.learnshare.com/l.aspx?CID=89&A=2&T=188909

Powerful Communication Skills for Women In this one-day workshop, you will learn to recognize and avoid the power-robbing speech mistakes and habits that may be holding you back. Develop skills in persuasion and positively influencing the behavior of others. Thursday, Sept. 18 9 am–4 pm 1101 E. 33rd Street, B101 Click here to register: http://lms4.learnshare.com/l.aspx?CID=89&A=2&T=188908

Communicating With Others: Your Style and Its Impact Participants in this course will identify their preferences in verbal and nonverbal communication. Uncover and explore the effects of your tendency toward one of four communication styles: driver, analytic, relater amiable, and expressive. Learn about your style's inherent strengths and trouble spots, and the impact of your style in the workplace. Tuesday, Sept. 23 9 am–4 pm 1011 E. 33rd Street, Room B101 Click here to register: http://lms4.learnshare.com/l.aspx?CID=89&A=2&T=188905

Communicating With Tact and Skill A two-day workshop designed for career-focused professionals will offer participants powerful communication strategies and interpersonal skills in diplomacy and tact. You'll gain tips on delivering standout presentations, letters, and memos, as well as techniques for exerting influence on the actions and attitudes of others.
Tuesday, Sept. 23–Wednesday, Sept. 24 Time: 9 am–4 pm 1011 E. 33rd Street, Room B102 Click here to register: http://lms4.learnshare.com/l.aspx?CID=89&A=2&T=189124

Campus Conversations on Diversity and Inclusion at Johns Hopkins University This four-hour workshop will provide insight on how diversity and inclusion create value and will show the importance of ensuring that all faculty, staff, and students are treated with equity, civility, and respect. Using exercises and scenarios, the workshop takes a multimedia approach to explore perceptions of power, identity, and unconscious biases. Thursday, Sept. 25 9 am–1 pm 1011 E. 33rd Street, Room A120 Click here to register: http://lms4.learnshare.com/l.aspx?CID=89&A=2&T=190489

The Communication Challenge: Disarming Difficult People Whether it's difficult students, faculty, patients, doctors, co-workers, staff, or bosses, their impact on our morale, stress level, and daily productivity can range anywhere from barely tolerable to impossible. In this practical-minded course, you will learn how to disarm difficult people in a way that gives you greater confidence and a stronger sense of control during any challenging interaction. Tuesday, Sept. 30 9 am–4 pm 1011 E. 33rd Street, Room A120 Click here to register: http://lms4.learnshare.com/l.aspx?CID=89&A=2&T=188906

Coming in October

Speak Like a Pro II This workshop focuses on managing stage fright and composure in front of any size audience. Participants will explore voice and body language as an effective communication tool and discuss key ways of adding maximum impact to a presentation. Participants are videotaped for instant feedback on strengths and areas needing improvement. Speak Like A Pro I is a prerequisite for this class. Wednesday, Oct. 1 9 am–4 pm 1101 E. 33rd Street, B103 Click here to register: http://lms4.learnshare.com/l.aspx?CID=89&A=2&T=188916

Working With You Is Killing Me: Free Yourself From Emotional Traps at Work A toxic co-worker can ruin your day—and your life. In this workshop, participants will learn how to deal with difficult co-workers through mutual cooperation and how to reduce stress-related issues arising from work relationships. Regain control of your life. Wednesday, Oct. 1 9 am–4 pm 1011 E. 33rd Street, Room B101 Click here to register: http://lms4.learnshare.com/l.aspx?CID=89&A=2&T=297104

Success for Supervisors This session is designed for the first-time supervisor or those new to management responsibilities at Hopkins. Participants will explore the performance management cycle (planning, coaching, and evaluation), and learn more about Employee Relations including the appeal (grievance) process as well as the university's Workplace Mediation Program. Tuesday, Oct. 7 9 am–4 pm 1011 E. 33rd Street, Room B102 Click here to register: http://lms4.learnshare.com/l.aspx?CID=89&A=2&T=189116

Managing Multiple Priorities In this practical workshop, you'll learn how to get more done in less time—with less stress—by upgrading your skills at managing multiple and sometime competing priorities. Wednesday, Oct. 8 9 am–4 pm 1101 E. 33rd Street, Room B101 Click here to register: http://lms4.learnshare.com/l.aspx?CID=89&A=2&T=188952

To enroll for courses, click the link provided or go to http://learning.jhu.edu. After logging in, click on Click here to search the Course Catalog, type the course name in the Text Search box, and click Search. Select the course title, select date, click Add to My Plan, click Next, and click Done.

Learning and Development classes are free if you qualify as a full- or part-time JHU employee and adhere to the class attendance policies. For additional information or assistance with enrolling, you can contact us by calling our main phone line at 443-997-6800 or by email at msdprogram@jhu.edu.