Netflix series to film scenes at Homewood

Dear Faculty, Staff, and Students:

The Netflix original series House of Cards will return to the Homewood campus on Tuesday, Aug. 12, to film several scenes for an episode from its upcoming third season.

We also expect that crew members from the series will be on campus on Sunday and Monday, Aug. 10–11, to prepare for Tuesday's shoot and on Wednesday, Aug. 13, to clean up and remove set dressing and equipment.

Campus veterans may remember that two summers ago, while House of Cards was filming its first season, the show shot two scenes in Keyser Quadrangle, the upper quad.

This time, filming will take place only indoors, in buildings around Wyman Quadrangle, the lower quad.

All buildings will remain open and operational during the week, and those with business in them will have access. You may be asked not to move through particular areas for brief periods of time while cameras are rolling. Thank you in advance for your cooperation.

If you do not have business-related reasons to be in Wyman Quad buildings Sunday through Wednesday, Aug. 10 to 13, we ask that you avoid the temptation to drop by. We want to give both the buildings' regular occupants and the House of Cards crew as much space as possible to do their jobs. Thank you!

We'll be sure to remind you when Season 3 becomes available on Netflix; that's expected to be in February.

Please contact us if any questions or concerns arise. Thanks to everyone who has given permission, who has moved or rescheduled events, or contributed in any way to making this interesting and—we hope—fun experience possible for all of us.


Dennis O'Shea Office of Communications

Abby Lattes Office of Communications and Marketing Whiting School of Engineering