Telephone buyback program at East Baltimore campus

The Johns Hopkins Telecommunications Department is pleased to announce a telephone buyback program for the month of August for departments located on the East Baltimore campus. If you have unneeded Avaya 2410 or 2420 telephones that are in good working condition, we will purchase them from the department: $62 for 2410 telephones and $85 for 2420 telephones.

This program will be available Aug. 1–31. Additional details and instructions on how to participate in this offer can be found on the Johns Hopkins Telecommunications website:

Please note that we are making this offer for Avaya 2410 and 2420 models that are in good working condition. Any spare phones that have been deployed or stored in operating rooms or biohazard areas should not be included. If you have questions, please contact 410-955-8572 or