Green Teams Appreciation Day this Tuesday

The Office of Sustainability will be recognizing Green Team members on Tuesday, Aug. 5, for their commitment to environmental sustainability at Johns Hopkins University. Green Team members are employees who not only incorporate sustainability into their daily work but also collaborate with their colleagues to develop their own projects and initiatives on campus. To date there are 10 teams across our different campuses, with almost 70 Green Team members in total.

The principal activities will occur at this week's Keswick Farmers Market, which operates between 11am and 1:30 pm on Tuesdays. Several environmental nonprofits and companies will be in attendance, providing sustainability information and free giveaways. There will also be an awards ceremony at 12:30 pm to recognize the most outstanding Green Team achievements in the past year. All students and employees are welcome to attend.

The Farmers Market, hosted by the Keswick Green Team, is located in the South Parking Lot at the Keswick complex, right in front of the South Lobby entrance. The market offers fresh and local vegetables, fruit, bread, ice cream, and natural soaps and beauty products. For a listing of vendors and directions to the market, please visit:

If you know any Green Team members, please thank them for their efforts at JHU!

To learn more about Sustainability at Johns Hopkins, visit:

To learn more about JHU Green Teams and how to get involved, visit: or email