New universitywide PhD course

Interdisciplinary Research Practice in Sustainability & Health

Dear Colleagues,

As part of the Provost's PhD Innovation Initiative, we're thrilled to introduce a new universitywide doctoral-level course being offered at Johns Hopkins this fall. It's titled Interdisciplinary Research Practice in Sustainability & Health (570.605).

As environmental sustainability and public health issues become increasingly complex, new, innovative, and interdisciplinary approaches to seeking solutions to these problems become essential. The purpose of this course is to prepare doctoral students for a research career in which they can effectively address these complex issues in an increasingly competitive funding environment.

More broadly, this course will provide all interested doctoral students with practical skills for building and managing interdisciplinary teams and successfully conducting interdisciplinary research across a variety of disciplines. Useful tools and skills to be introduced and practiced include, among others, strategic planning, idea generation, interpersonal communication, information sharing, decision making, associational thinking, and conflict resolution.

The course will involve faculty from Arts and Sciences, Engineering, Public Health, and Carey Business School, and is open to all Johns Hopkins University PhD students from any school. No prior knowledge of sustainability or health is required.

It is anticipated that the course will also serve as the academic cornerstone for the proposed Sustainability & Health Interdisciplinary Doctoral Training Program. Students can enroll in the class as a stand-alone course and do not need to be enrolled in the program, which is under development as part of the Johns Hopkins University PhD Innovation Initiative.

To learn more about the course, visit There, you can access a course flier and synopsis to share with colleagues and students.

If you have any questions, please email our program manager, Dr. Alexios Monopolis, at

Thank you!

Tom Haine, PhD Morton K. Blaustein Chair, Department of Earth & Planetary Sciences

Ben Hobbs, PhD Director, Environment, Energy, Sustainability & Health Institute

Cindy Parker, MD, MPH Director, Global Environmental Change & Sustainability Program