Traffic changing at Greenway and 34th Street

On or about Tuesday, June 24, the intersection of Greenway and 34th Street will reopen in its final configuration. Subsequently, the temporary detour allowing access to 34th Street from Charles and 33rd will be shut down. Vehicular traffic wishing to access 34th Street will travel south on Greenway from University Parkway and will be able to turn right on 34th Street (in order to loop north onto Charles Street) or left on 34th Street toward St. Paul Street (between Wolman and McCoy halls).

Additionally, in early July contractors will begin work on the existing service lane on the east side of Charles Street beginning at University Parkway and working south to 29th Street. When that work begins, parking and travel lanes for northbound local traffic will be shifted to the newly paved sections of the roadway. Future updates to the roadway construction progress will be identified in Today's Announcements throughout the coming months.