myWellness choices 2014 – sun safety

Sun safety is never out of season. However, summer's arrival means more exposure to the sun for a lot of people. It's time for trips to the pool and the beach, spending time in the yard and at the park—and a spike in the number of sunburns.

Studies show that exposure to the sun can cause skin cancer. Harmful rays from the sun—and from sunlamps and tanning beds—may also cause eye problems, weaken your immune system, and give you skin spots, wrinkles, or "leathery" skin. Visit the American Cancer Society's website to learn more about how sun exposure is linked to cancer. Read about the steps you can take to protect yourself from the sun and take the sun safety quiz while you are there.

Be safe in the sun this summer!

App of the month: Ultraviolet ~ UV Index

Going outside? A quick glance at the vibrantly glowing, color-coded interface will tell you what level of protection you need.

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