Preparing Future Faculty Teaching Academy – Application Period Extended to July 31

Preparing Future Faculty Teaching Academy – Apply Now!

The application due date has been extended to July 31.

To apply to the Preparing Future Faculty Teaching Academy (PFFTA) initiative, students should complete the application process as described on the program website: <>

Approximately 50 students will be accepted into the second cohort, which will encompass three different phases. Full-time tuition covers the cost of this program; no additional fees are required for participation. This opportunity is offered to provide a hands-on introduction to college-level teaching and enhance the competitive edge of Johns Hopkins doctoral and postdoctoral students when they enter the job market. The three phases of the program are the following:

Phase I - Building a foundation in teaching (Participants). Beginning in the fall of 2014, participation in a course or workshop series will provide an overview and foundation for the teaching required later in the program; a partial list of options that fulfill this requirement can be found in the table below. Select the option that best fits your schedule. A few of the options are offered online, some are face to face, and others are blended. Each participant should select one of these Phase I options. Options may vary in length, time commitment, and scope.

Phase II - Immersion in hands-on teaching/learning activities (Fellows). Participants should select from a variety of immersion experiences in the second phase that provide hands-on opportunities to develop teaching resources and assessment techniques. Each participant should select one of these Phase II options. Options may vary in length, time commitment, and scope.

Phase III - Capstone (Practitioners/Scholars). During Phase III, PFF Teaching Academy students will be designated as Practitioners or Scholars. They will work with faculty teaching mentors who will help them better understand what is required to be a successful instructor. Practitioners will have the opportunity to teach in a classroom, facilitate an online instructional module, or help supervise a lab or clinical course. Scholars will design and implement teaching-as-research projects through a variety of experiences that have been identified to meet this portion of the program's requirements. For Scholars who choose to conduct teaching-as-research (TAR) projects, guidance will be available for submitting their analyses for publication or presentation at an appropriate professional meeting as PFF Teaching Academy Scholars.

As part of this program, each participant should identify a faculty member who is willing to function as a teaching mentor in the execution of the teaching assignment during Phase III. (This identification is not required at the application stage, but the teaching mentor must be identified by the time Phase III begins. Students who are unable to identify faculty teaching mentors should contact the program manager for assistance.) The PFF Teaching Academy program manager will provide the Mentor-Mentee Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) form as well as a link to help students track their progress through the program.

Students should also consult with their faculty research advisers to secure agreement to their participation in the PFF Teaching Academy program. The required MOU form between students and their research advisers can be found on the Preparing Future Faculty website on the Application Process page .

All three phases are ideally concluded within a one-year time frame; however, we recognize schedules may extend the time it takes to successfully complete the program. At the end of the program, an event to celebrate the accomplishments of the PFF Teaching Academy participants will be held to highlight students' professional growth and teaching experiences. Outstanding work in the PFF Teaching Academy Capstone phase will be recognized. Upon fulfillment of the PFF Teaching Academy requirements, a certificate acknowledging completion of the program will be granted.

If you have questions, please don't hesitate to contact program manager Kelly Clark or Dr. Pam Jeffries or Dr. Candice Dalrymple, co-chairs of this initiative. We look forward to working with all PFF Teaching Academy program participants and to providing the opportunity to broaden the Hopkins PhD experience through this program.

We look forward to receiving your application!

Best regards,

Dr. Pam Jeffries ( ), Professor, School of Nursing and Vice Provost for Digital Initiatives

Dr. Candice Dalrymple ( ), Associate Dean of University Libraries and Director, Center for Educational Resources

Kelly Clark (, PFF Teaching Academy Program Manager