The facade of a building is seen along Pennsylvania Ave.; the U.S. Capitol dome is visible in the background

Image caption: 555 Pennsylvania Ave. in Washington, D.C.

Credit: Will Kirk / Johns Hopkins University

40 D.C.-based endeavors receive support from university's Nexus Awards program

Awardees will develop projects and programs anchored at Johns Hopkins University's new home in the nation's capital at 555 Pennsylvania Ave.

Forty wide-ranging projects and programs to be anchored at Johns Hopkins University's new home in Washington, D.C., have been selected to receive funding support from the university's Nexus Awards program.

The awardees include 102 scholars and researchers representing all nine academic divisions of the university. The winning proposals span a variety of topics reflective of the breadth of the university's scholarship and expertise—artificial intelligence and health policy, the arts and humanities, global health and gender equity, and much more.

Funding will begin on July 1, which coincides with the relocation of the university's D.C.-based academic programs to the new facility at 555 Pennsylvania Ave., NW.

"The inaugural Nexus awardees will bring exceptional creativity, innovation, and energy to 555 Pennsylvania Avenue, our university's magnificent new home in Washington, D.C.," JHU President Ron Daniels said. "These new ideas and opportunities ensure our faculty's best insights and discoveries will inform society's approach to its greatest challenges."

Faculty and cross-divisional teams were invited to submit proposals in three categories:

  • Convening: Awards up to $100,000 for up to one year for the development and execution of a conference or a series of related events on any topic, to be hosted at 555 Penn.

  • Research: Awards up to $300,000 for up to two years, focusing on either a new area of collaborative work or an expansion of an ongoing area of collaborative work in fundamental, clinical, or applied research, or projects within the arts and humanities.

  • Teaching: Awards up to $25,000 for up to one year (with the option to renew for a second year) for undergraduate or graduate courses and co-curricular opportunities that will make significant use of 555 Penn.

"Our faculty's plans are inspiring and will bring compelling programming to the university's new home," said Lainie Rutkow, vice provost for interdisciplinary initiatives. "This inaugural group of awardees will help to establish a dynamic portal that connects our Baltimore and D.C.-based efforts."

Additionally, applications will be accepted in September for rapid-response awards, with a rolling deadline in recognition of the unanticipated opportunities that may arise for D.C.-based efforts in the future.

The 2023 Nexus Award winners are:


  • 555 Globalization Initiative: Pravin Krishna (SAIS), Mine Senses (SAIS), Shoumitro Chaterjee (SAIS), Ritam Chaurey (SAIS), Ryan Kim (SAIS), Annie Lee (SAIS)
  • Advancing a National P-3 Agenda to Transform Children's Outcomes: Debra Silverman (SOE), Beth Boyle (SOE), Lisa Buchy (SOE)
  • Afarmusic Music Conference: Richard Johnson (Peabody)
  • AGHI: Humanities on the Hill: William Egginton (KSAS), Virginia Jewiss (KSAS)
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) for Health Equity Research (AIHE) at 555 Penn: Ritu Agarwal (CBS), Mark Dredze (WSE), Kadija Ferryman (Berman), Angalie Field (WSE), Gordon Gao (CBS), Sudip Gupta (CBS), Debra Mathews (Berman), Risa Wolf (SOM)
  • Cities and Development in DC: Bringing Research and Policy Together to Solve Problems in Urban Development and Climate Change Adaptation: Filipe Campante (SAIS)
  • Convening in Our Nation's Capital to Amplify Global Loneliness Awareness Week 2024: Thomas Cudjoe (SOM)
  • Convenings to Establish a Global Climate Health Fellowship (GCHF) Program: Rajiv Rimal (BSPH), Carl Latkin (BSPH), Johannes Urpelainen (SAIS)
  • Envision: The Future of Child Sexual Abuse Prevention: Amanda Ruzicka (BSPH), Elizabeth Letourneau (BSPH)
  • Envisioning the Future of Museum-Based Health Professions Education: Margaret Chisolm (SOM), Jennifer Kingsley (KSAS), Toni Ungaretti (SOE), Kamna Balhara (SOM), Sean Tackett (SOM)
  • Exploring a Conservative Pro-Democracy Agenda: Scott Warren (KSAS), Lilliana Mason (KSAS), Hahrie Han (KSAS)
  • Gender Equity and Gender-Based Violence: Evidence Translation for Action: Michele Decker (BSPH), Rosemary Morgan (BSPH), Anju Malhotra (BSPH), Nancy Glass (SON), Katheryne Kalbarczyk (BSPH)
  • Globally Sustainable Human Capital Development: Rick Smith (CBS), Lee Daugherty Biddison (SOM), Chiedo Nwankwor (BSPH), Wendy Osefo (SOE)
  • The Health Opportunities for Policy Equity (HOPE) Challenge: Darrell Gaskin (BSPH), Keshia Pollack Porter (BSPH), Roland Thorpe (BSPH)
  • Health Policy Outlook: Positioning Nurse Leaders to Drive Health Solutions: Sarah Szanton (SON)
  • How Can Energy Markets Best Enable and Assist the Transition to a Decarbonized Power Sector? Using 555 Pennsylvania Avenue to Magnify the Activities and Policy Influence of the JHU-Columbia Future Powers Markets Forum: Benjamin Hobbs (WSE), Mahdi Mehrtash (WSE), Jonas Nahm (SAIS)
  • The Inaugural National High School Redesign Showcase: Robert Balfanz (SOE)
  • Johns Hopkins Science Diplomacy Series at 555: Peter Agre (BSPH)
  • Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine Medical Student Diversity Engagement Convening Series: Nathan Irvin (SOM)
  • Knowledge to Action (K-to-A) Launchpad Series to Understand the Pressing Problems of K-to-A Gaps from Multiple Perspectives: Kathryn McDonald (SON), Kathleen Sutcliffe (CBS), Beth Blauer (CBS), Sarah Szanton (SON), Jill Marsteller (BSPH), Christina Yuan (BSPH), Chris Myers (CBS)
  • Museums and Civil Society, Building Communities: Sarah Chicone (KSAS)
  • The Nexus of NeuroTech Translation and Inclusive Innovation: Sri Sarma (WSE), Adler Archer (WSE), Santosh Venkatesha (WSE), Debra Mathews (Bioethics)
  • Policy Analysis Tools to Promote Health and Equity in State Policymaking: Keshia Pollack Porter (BSPH)
  • Polyaspora Festival: Felipe Lara (Peabody)
  • Shaping the Future of AI-Enhanced Medical Devices: A One-Day Symposium on the Regulation of AI in Healthcare: Phil Phan (CBS), James Fackler (SOM)
  • Women's Global Leadership Summit: Leadership for Solving Complex Crises: Chiedo Nwankwor (SAIS)


  • Advancing Landmark Transportation Safety Policy: Research and Leadership to Foster Driver Impairment Prevention Technology: Jeffrey Michael (BSPH), Johnathon Ehsani (BSPH), Shannon Frattaroli (BSPH), Emmanuel Drabo (BSPH)
  • Advancing a Regulatory Framework for Racial Equity in the Medical Device Market: Kadija Ferryman (Berman), Deidra Crews (SOM), Emmanuel Drabo (BSPH), Jack Iwashyna (SOM), John Jackson (BSPH)
  • CARE DC: Cross-Sector Data Sharing to Advance Health and Educational Equity in Washington, DC: Megan Tschudy (SOM), Beth Marshall (BSPH), Amanda Neitzel (SOE), Josh Sharfstein (BSPH)
  • Evaluating Accuracy and Reproducibility of Forensic Science Methods Used in Criminal Courts: Michael Rosenblum (BSPH), Elizabeth Ogburn (BSPH), Ilya Shpitser (WSE), Alex McCourt (BSPH)
  • Keeping Our Students Out of Harm's Way: Richard Lofton (SOE), Keisha Pollack Porter (BSPH), Odis Johnson (SOE)


  • Capital GLAM Career Trek in Public Humanities: DC Galleries, Libraries, Archives, and Museums: Jennifer Kingsley (KSAS)
  • Center for Financial Economics in DC: Teaching: Francisco Bianchi (KSAS), Robert Barbera (KSAS), Jonathan Wright (KSAS)
  • China and the World: John Yasuda (KSAS), Yuen Yuen Ang (KSAS)
  • Critical Diaspora Studies in the Baltimore-Washington Region: H. Yumi Kim (KSAS), Erin Chung (KSAS), Stuart Schrader (KSAS)
  • Cultivating Anti-Oppressive Learning Communities for Johns Hopkins University: Graham Mooney (SOM), Krystal Lee (BSPH)
  • Education Policy Introductory Course and Capstone Experience: Jonathan Plucker (SOE), David Steiner (SOE), Ashley Rogers Berner (SOE), Richard Lofton (SOE), Henry Smith (SOE)
  • Field Trip to DC Museums and Workshop at 555 Pennsylvania Avenue for the Medicine, Science, and the Humanities Introductory Course "Visual Cultures of Medicine, Science, and Technology": Soha Bayoumi (KSAS)
  • The Modern American Presidential Election in Historical Perspective: Leah Wright Rigueur (KSAS), N.D.B. Connolly (KSAS)
  • National Symphony Orchestra Masterclass: Marin Alsop (Peabody)