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Undergraduate admissions

Johns Hopkins welcomes first members of its Class of 2027

A diverse and talented group of 533 students have been offered admission in the Early Decision I cohort

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Five hundred thirty-three students representing 37 U.S. states, 20 countries, two U.S. territories, and Washington, D.C., were offered admission to Johns Hopkins University today in the Early Decision I cohort of the undergraduate Class of 2027.

"We're proud that a record number of students thought of Hopkins as their top choice when applying to college this year," said Ellen Chow, dean of undergraduate admissions. "This group of newly admitted students represents one of the most talented, diverse, and community-minded student bodies in the nation. They have already shown their ability to make a mark on the world around them through their academic and co-curricular endeavors, and they're pursuing what matters to them in highly impactful ways."

The cohort includes a writer who published a book of poetry on mental health, the founder of a podcast that highlights achievements of women of color and that was featured in The Washington Post, and the leader of a movement to provide more funds for healthy food at city schools. Students have published research on racial pluralism, the cause of high school dropouts, and the quality-of-life impacts of COVID-19. They've also won worldwide competitions, supported family members through illness, tutored younger siblings, and organized national conferences on climate change.

Their high school teachers and counselors describe them as deeply reflective, insightful, and passionate; students who not only do their absolute best but want to support those around them; role models who inspire others; and those who will leave behind a true legacy in their schools. During high school, 93% held part-time jobs, internships, or summer jobs; 52% were active in the arts; and 42% were involved in student government or advocacy work, showing their initiative to drive change in their communities.

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Early Decision II and Regular Decision applications for the Class of 2027 are due Jan. 3, 2023

Of the admitted students, 17% will be among the first in their families to go to college. A third plan to enroll in the Whiting School of Engineering, and the remainder plan to enroll in the Krieger School of Arts and Sciences.

"These are students who will enrich our campus with their diverse perspectives and lived experiences, who are able to work together to find opportunities, and who are eager to make a positive difference," Chow said. "We can't wait to see how their involvement will shape our community in the years to come."

The remainder of the Class of 2027 will be selected from the Early Decision II and Regular Decision applicant pools. Early Decision II and Regular Decision applications are due by 11:59 p.m. EST on Jan. 3. Early Decision II decisions will be released Feb. 17, and regular admissions decisions will be announced March 17.