Johns Hopkins expands staff winter holiday break

The change will give employees more than a week off before the start of 2023

Campus snow

Credit: Will Kirk / Johns Hopkins University

Beginning this year, employees at Johns Hopkins University, Maryland's largest private employer, will receive two extra paid holidays to make it a six-day paid winter break, part of the university's new commitment to flexible work arrangements.

The university is giving employees the time off between Dec. 25 and Jan. 3 to recognize their dedication and contributions. Going forward, the university will announce the dates of the extended break as part of its annual holiday calendar.

Johns Hopkins University annually provides employees approximately 10 annual paid holidays and two floating holidays. Previously, the university provided four paid holidays during winter holiday break.

"We are thrilled to not only implement a long-term flexible work plan, but to also enhance the overall employee experience by creating new programs and supports, which includes extending our winter holiday break," said Pierre Joanis, vice president for human resources at Johns Hopkins University. "Johns Hopkins has a phenomenal workforce that has persevered throughout the pandemic, and this extra time off during the holidays will give them the opportunity to further recharge and connect with their loved ones."

In accordance with university policy, full- and part-time employees working in divisions where reduced operations are not feasible will receive the two additional days of paid holiday leave to be used at another time during the year. Johns Hopkins Medicine patient care will continue as usual.