Johns Hopkins graduate programs again ranked among nation's best

Schools of Nursing and Public Health, individual programs retain No. 1 spot in 'U.S. News & World Report' Best Graduate Schools rankings

Exterior of Gilman Hall with fall leaves on the marble steps

Credit: Will Kirk / Johns Hopkins University

Johns Hopkins University graduate programs are once again among the nation's best, including top rankings for programs in nursing, public health, according to U.S. News & World Report's annual Best Graduate Schools list.

The rankings, released today, are based on a number of indicators, including an institution's global and national reputation, publications and citations, research statistics, admitted student information, and other factors including leadership feedback from peer schools and programs.

The School of Nursing and the Bloomberg School of Public Health each retained first place, as did the biomedical engineering program and programs within the School of Medicine.

Public Health

Bloomberg School Dean Ellen J. MacKenzie said the honor of the No. 1 ranking comes at such a critical time for public health.

"Throughout the pandemic, our faculty have remained dedicated to training the next generation of public health leaders who will guide the future," MacKenzie said. "We have a new generation of public health leaders in the making. The future of public health depends upon providing these students with the knowledge and skills they'll need to respond to lingering effects of this pandemic and the threats to come."


In addition to the School of Nursing's top-ranked master's program, the school's doctor of nursing practice program (DNP) was ranked second, up from third last year. The school's DNP programs in several other specialties also made the U.S. News top five:

  • DNP Nurse Practitioner, Family: No. 2
  • DNP Adult Gerontology, Acute Care: No. 3
  • DNP Adult Gerontology, Primary Care: No. 3
  • DNP Pediatric, Acute Care: Tied for No. 2
  • DNP Pediatric, Primary Care: Tied for No. 3

"This is a truly exciting moment. Our faculty, students, staff, and alumni reflect excellence and the values that make our influence felt nationally and across the globe," said Patricia Davidson, dean of the School of Nursing. "We are proud of this ranking and will continue to stay committed to providing the very best opportunities in education, research, service, and practice."


The biomedical engineering graduate program, which is part of both the School of Medicine and the Whiting School, stayed at No. 1.

"Johns Hopkins has defined the field of biomedical engineering for more than half a century, and it is immensely gratifying that we continue to lead in that area today," said Ed Schlesinger, dean of the Whiting School. "Our Department of Biomedical Engineering exemplifies our unwavering commitment to bringing together engineering and medicine to improve the health and wellbeing of humankind."

The Whiting school ranked 17th for engineering graduate programs overall. Other engineering programs also earned spots in the rankings:

  • Chemical: No. 20
  • Civil: Tied for No. 30
  • Computer: Tied for No. 33
  • Electrical: Tied for No. 20
  • Environmental: Tied for No. 25
  • Materials: Tied for No. 17
  • Mechanical: Tied for No. 13


The university's School of Medicine tied for No. 7 among research-oriented medical schools. Johns Hopkins ranked among the top five in:

  • Radiology: No. 1
  • Surgery: No. 1
  • Anesthesiology: No. 1
  • Psychiatry: Tied for No. 2
  • Internal medicine: Tied for No. 2
  • Pediatrics: No. 4
  • Obstetrics/gynecology: No. 5


Education overall tied for No. 17. In sub-categories, Johns Hopkins was ranked:

  • Educational administration: Tied for No. 26
  • Education policy: Tied for No. 24
  • Education psychology: Tied for No. 23

Public Affairs

Overall, public affairs tied for No. 38. In sub-categories, Johns Hopkins ranked:

  • Health policy: Tied for No. 2
  • Global policy: No. 5


History was ranked overall No. 10 in the country, with the following sub-category rankings:

  • African-American history: Tied for No. 3
  • African history: Tied for No. 7
  • Cultural history: Tied for No. 4
  • European history: Tied for No. 7
  • Modern U.S. history: Tied for No. 16
  • U.S. Colonial history: Tied for No. 5
  • Women's history: Tied for No. 6


English overall was tied for No. 13. In sub-categories, Johns Hopkins was ranked:

  • American literature after 1865: No. 17
  • British literature: Tied for No. 10
  • Literary criticism and theory: No. 3


Economics tied for No. 21.


Overall, sociology tied for No. 29. The sub-category of sociology of population tied for No. 17.

Political science

Overall, political science Tied for No. 41. In sub-categories, Johns Hopkins ranked:

  • International politics: Tied for No. 24
  • Political theory: Tied for No. 8